What does Office Mix do?

The short answer? It makes your life a lot easier. 

The “I-need-a-little-more-detail” answer? Office Mix allows you to turn your PowerPoints into interactive online lessons or presentations. We install an add-in that gives you the ability to record audio, video, and handwriting, and insert interactive elements like quizzes, online videos, Khan Academy and CK-12 Foundation content, PhET Interactive Simulations, and even web pages. There’s even a screen capture tool so you can record anything on your PC.

Once your presentation is ready just click “Upload.” We work our magic to mix it into an interactive document complete with analytics, and place it in the cloud. From there, just share the link, and your students can watch it on just about any device with a web browser. You can then check student progress online and see who watched the presentation, and how they did on your quizzes.  

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