How do I share my mix? Can anyone see my mix?

There are five permissions levels in Office Mix:

Private - Only you can view it.
Work or school - Only people in your organization can view it (after they sign in with an Organization ID to see this option).
Limited - Anyone with a link to your mix can view it after they sign in.
Unlisted - Anyone with a link can view it.
Public - Anyone can search for and view your mix, and it may appear in the gallery.  

To share your lesson,
1. Sign-in to Office Mix
2. Go to the "My Mixes" page
3. Click "details" for the lesson you want to share.
4. Move the permissions slider to the right level for you (must not be "Private" for sharing).
5. Below the permissions slider, you have options for Share (a link to your lesson) Embed (add the lesson to your blog or website) and Email (email a link directly from Office Mix).  You can also choose to share your lesson on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

To see which features correspond to each Permissions level, please refer to the table below.

Be sure to click "Save" when you have finished updating permissions for your lesson. 

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