I tried to install Office Mix, and I received a prompt that I need Service Pack 1 for Office. Can you explain and tell me what to do?

Office Mix runs on Office 2013 (or higher), the current version of Office. Our interactive elements use some new technology in Service Pack 1. If you already have SP1, your PowerPoint version should be above 15.0.4569.1506.

If you do not have SP1, here are the steps to install it:
1) Determine whether or not your Office 2013 is updated via Click-to-Run technology:
- If your Office was installed via Office 365 subscription, then it's updated via Click-to-Run. Continue to Step 2).
- If you're not sure, open PowerPoint and navigate to File > Account, if there is an "Office Updates" section displayed, continue to Step 2).  Otherwise, go to Step 3).

2) If your Office product is updated via Click-to-Run, follow the steps in the this article to update.

3) If your Office product does not use Click-to-Run update, click on the "About PowerPoint" button to determine if you have 32-bit or 64-bit Office:
- If 32-bit, download and install SP1 here .
- If 64-bit, download and install SP1 here .

Note: Sometimes the files required for Office Mix functionality may not be properly updated during an SP1 upgrade.  If your PowerPoint version indicates that you have SP1, but Office Mix setup is still blocked, try performing a full repair of your Office product.

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