Why can't I watch or upload my mix from within my organization?

If you're inside an organization, you may experience issues with watching or even uploading a mix from within your organization-- especially if you use a device (laptop, tablet, etc.) that works at home and at work or school. If you find that your mix works outside but not inside your organization, then your IT department might be blocking some URLs or restricting access to specific URLs. Or, a corporate firewall or proxy issues could be interfering with your ability to view your mix everywhere. This article explains how to overcome this problem.

How to make your mix viewable in your organization

To make sure that your mix can be viewed by everyone to whom you gave permission to view it. your system administrators should allow access to the following URLs:
  • mix.office.com:443
  • athenaprodstorage.blob.core.windows.net:443
  • login.windows.net
  • login.microsoftonline.com
  • login.live.com (Needed for Microsoft Account Login)
  • m.webtrends.com
  • compass-ssl.Microsoft.com
  • officemix.uservoice.com
  • microsoft-my.sharepoint.com
  • microsoft.sharepoint.com
  • api.office.com
  • E0D1.wpc.azureedge.net/80E0D1:443
  • e0d1.wpc.azureedge.net
  • amp.azure.net
  • powerpoint.officeapps.live.com
  • s1-powerpoint-15.cdn.office.net

Note that this list is not complete and is subject to change as Office Mix is enhanced. Also, it does not include URLs to non-Microsoft sites, such as Facebook (which might be blocked inside an organization) or Google (which is needed for sign-in). If your organization uses an Office 365 login, then your site is probably already configured to allow the URLs above-- but it would still need access to other URLs to properly play mixes that contain certain quizzes or lab apps (such as Phet simulations, which require access to phetmixapp.cloudapp.net) or embedded YouTube videos (which require access to YouTube).

How to make your mix uploadable in your organization

To make it possible for people in your organization to upload mixes, Office Mix needs to access the list of URLs, above, as well. If you experience proxy issues when trying to upload a mix in your organization, make sure you have the latest version of Office Mix (0.1.3823 or higher).

To check your version of Office Mix:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click Programs and Features.
  • Scroll to "Office Mix" in the list of installed programs and check the value in the Version column.

If you continue to experiencing issues viewing or uploading mixes in your organization, we would like to know. Please work with your IT department and ask them to contact us to help investigate and fix the issue.

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