Why do my PowerPoint animations look different in a mix?

Because PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint Online use slightly different technologies for playback, not all animations and transitions in your PowerPoint presentation will play on the web. Office Mix plays mixes on the web so the animations and transitions that don't play in PowerPoint Online will not play in your mix, even though they will continue to play correctly in your presentation (PPTX) files.

Which animations and transitions should I use?

The majority of PowerPoint animations and transitions play as expected in a mix on the web. If you're looking for recommendations for which ones work particularly well in a mix, use the following:

Entrance Emphasis Exit Motion Path
  • Fly In
  • Wipe
  • Zoom
  • Teeter
    Fly In

    Avoid animation effects that play differently online

    The following animation effects play online but look different from the way they look on the desktop version of PowerPoint. For instance, the Circle effect animates in the shape of a box instead of a circle. Try to avoid using the following animation effects because they play differently than expected:

    Entrance Emphasis Exit
    Basic Circle
  • Diamond
  • Dissolve In
  • Wedge
  • Wheel
  • Circle
  • Diamond
  • Dissolve Out
  • Wedge
  • Wheel
  • Subtle Swivel Brush Color
  • Underline
  • Swivel
    Moderate Center Revolve Color Pulse
  • Grow With Color
  • Center Revolve
    Exciting Basic Swivel
  • Bounce
  • Spiral In
  • Basic Swivel
  • Bounce
  • Spiral Out
  • Avoid changing animation effect options

    When you apply an animation in PowerPoint, you can change its settings (either in the Animations tab or in the Effect Options dialog). The following settings do not work in a published mix:
    • Sounds (Effect Options dialog > Effect tab > Sound drop-down)
    • Triggers (Trigger > On Click of or Trigger > On Bookmark) that make an animation play when you click an object on the slide or when you play a specific part of a video
    • Bounce end setting for the Fly In effect (Effect Options dialog > Effect tab > Bounce end slider)
    • More colors for the After animation setting (Effect Options dialog > Effect tab > After animation drop-down > More Colors dialog)

    Apply Cut, Fade, and Push transitions only

    According to the "Transitions" section of How certain features behave in PowerPoint Online, "Only Fade and Push transitions play in PowerPoint Online. Transitions added in desktop PowerPoint are preserved, but can only be played or changed in desktop PowerPoint." Note that Cut transitions are also supported in PowerPoint Online, and thus is Office Mix too.

    But what if my animation isn't showing up at all?

    Just a reminder to:
    • Record your mix after your PowerPoint presentation is finished.
    • Preview your slide recording before you publish your mix.

    If you didn't see an animation play during a slide recording, then your viewer won't see it either. So make sure to play the animation (for instance, by clicking Next Animation if you set the animation to play On Click) during the recording process.

    Still not seeing your animation? Does your PowerPoint presentation contain an "on-click" animation or multiple media on one slide? If so, see Why doesn't my animation appear in my mix?

    Having problems with animations and transitions working with Camtasia? See Slide animations and transitions are not working properly

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