What's new in Office Mix (December - January)?

In the last couple months, the Office Mix team has been busy responding to customer feedback and adding new features. Please note, before you install this release we suggest you validate that you are running a recent version of Office 2013, 2016 or O365. Please see this article for details.

Here's a run-down of what's new in the latest release.

Recent enhancements

The following enhancements are available in the latest release of the Office Mix. To see them in action, download Office Mix now.

  • Localization
    We have had a lot of requests to localize Office Mix. In January, we answered this call with Mix available in Spanish, German, French, Japanese and English. Note, the add-in is localized as is the mix-web service and player.
  • Mix larger presentation files
    The maximum size of PowerPoint presentation (PPTX) files that you can upload to mix has doubled from 500 MB to 1 GB. This means you will be able to record about two or more hours of video per mix.
  • Enjoy great video playback from anywhere in the world
    Mix uses
    Azure Media Services to encode, distribute, and stream the video in your mixes. Mixes now start more quickly and play more smoothly with high quality on everything from mobile devices to large screens. Azure Media Services ensure excellent video quality from anywhere in the world.
  • Your mixes now play in Slide Show mode (F5)
    With this release, what you see when previewing your mixes from within Office Mix is consistent with what you see when previewing your mix from within Slide Show mode (F5).
  • Faster export to video
    By improving PowerPoint's support for digital ink, exporting recordings that contain digital ink to video is now twice as fast.
  • New equation editor
    Office Mix now includes a rich equation editor for writing quiz and poll questions.
  • Improved accessibility
    Mixes are accessible to all users. People who use assistive technologies can now press CTRL+; to enter Outline mode. We have also added numerous shortcut keys to make navigating the Office Mix player and mix content efficient for everyone. The add-in also has improved support for High Contrast. For details, see
    Accessibility features in Office Mix. To learn how to make your own mixes accessible, see Authoring an accessible mix.
  • Office Mix will now run on Windows Server
    If you love Office Mix but have been frustrated that it doesn't run on Windows Server, give it a try. This means that developers that use Windows Server will be able to create mixes on all of their PCs.
  • Richer formatting of quiz and poll questions
    You can now include images, tables, horizontal rule lines, font formatting, bulleted and numbered lists, and a whole range of special characters in quiz and poll questions in your mix, thanks to the new floating toolbar that appears when you author a question. For details, see
    Introducing WYSIWYG editing in quizzes and polls.
  • Customize the playback of linked or embedded mixes
    Office Mix now gives you more control over how your linked or embedded mix plays when you use our extensibility options. For instance, set the starting point, speed, or volume, or loop your mix so it replays automatically. Learn how in
    this Knowledge Base article.
  • Share mixes and sways on docs.com
    Share your mixes publicly on
    docs.com, a site where users can discover, upload, and share an unlimited number of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Office Mix, Sway, and PDF documents, and links to web sites for free and with rich formatting intact. Organize them into collections, share them on social networks, and view statistics like the number of views and likes for each mix. Visit https://docs.com to learn more.
  • Make Office Mix is now an integral part of edX
    Office Mix is now "in the box" for edX distributions. That means it will be even easier for edX users to embed mixes in courses.
  • Use Office Mix with your organization's LMS
    Office Mix has been certified for LTI 1.1 by IMS Global. This means teachers can use mixes as assignments that students can access on a variety of devices, and grades are automatically sent back to the LMS. Visit
    https://mix.office.com/lti to integrate Office Mix with your LMS, and watch easy-to-follow tutorials if you need help for Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, EdXHaiku, Moodle, or Schoology.
  • Learn how to be a better presenter from an Inspiring Speaker
    Office Mix helps you make your presentations interactive but how do you learn to improve your presentation skills? By watching
    The Art of Stage Presence, the newest addition to Office Mix's Inspiring Speakers series. In less than 20 minutes, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker will teach you how to get better at presenting your ideas, which he teaches at TED Conferences and other venues around the world.
  • More Microsoft teams create tutorials with Office Mix
    Microsoft Office has begun using Office Mix to teach users how to join, schedule, and lead meetings. To learn about their experience creating tutorials with Office Mix, read their Office Blogs post, 
    What we learned using Office Mix, or watch their Skype for Business - Leading Meetings mix.
  • More LMS providers use Office Mix
    LTI adoption has enabled McGraw-Hill Education to use Office Mix to provide custom teaching experiences. It has also enabled Cengage Learning to offer an Introductory Computing MindTap course integrating Office Mix for fall 2015 classes. For more information, see
    Office Mix delivers LTI support and integration with major LMS providers on the Office Blogs.
  • Check out Office Mix's new partnership with Sensavis and their 3D Classroom
    Sensavis has launched the 3D Classroom, a solution that helps educators flip their classrooms by offering interactive instructional content made with Office Mix. To learn more about the 3D Classroom, visit the
    Partners showcase on the Office Mix website.

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