Issues with quizzes in Mix? Use the OffCAT tool

We're pleased to announce that we now have a diagnostic tool that you can run if you are running into issues with quizzes. This tool will scan your machine for known causes of common problems and provide links to solutions if it detects an issue. It also provides a way to record logs while you reproduce the issue, which you can send to us for further analysis. This will really help us to catch and fix issues more quickly.

You can download the free tool here:

This tool, also known as OffCAT, was developed by the customer support team and provides diagnostics for all sorts of Office configuration issues.  
Instructions for using the tool:
1. After downloading and installing OffCAT, it will update itself with the newest scanning rules. You will then see this screen:
2. Choosing PowerPoint and clicking “Click to scan” will perform a diagnostic scan of your system that includes the quiz issues checks. When it’s done, you’ll see a screen like this:
3. If there are add-in-related issues on the machine, you will see messages here indicating that, but if not, then you won’t see anything. You can see what is collected by clicking the Details button and opening the Miscellaneous > Office Add-ins node (the other Add-ins options refer to legacy add-ins).
4. To send your scan results to us, you can simply click the Send button (you can always return to the scan results page by clicking “Report” in the top nav):
5. You can send them directly to us by attaching them to your UserVoice ticket.
You can also record ‘live’ logs while reproducing an issue. To do this, navigate to Advanced Tools and select Outlook Real-time Logging (only available for Outlook currently). In the Scenario drop-down, select Office Add-in Issues:
Click the Start button, reproduce the issue, and then hit Stop. If relevant events occur while recording (such as errors), they will display on this page.
Full real-time logs are harder to send than scan results. You’ll have to navigate to %appdata%\Microsoft\OffCAT and attach the AddIn Issues in the outbox-16.0-<dateTime>.etl file to a mail yourself. 
We will be adding more diagnostics over time to catch more issues, but hopefully that helps. Keep this tool in mind when you or others encounter quiz issues from now on!

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