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  1. Accessibility features in Office Mix

  2. After I record some slides, do I need to keep my presentation in the same order?

  3. App isn't inserted after clicking the "Trust" button

  4. Authoring an accessible mix

  5. Can I mix on my my Apple® Mac® computer?

  6. Can I publish a deck without recording audio or video?

  7. Can you explain what the 'Export to video' button is?

  8. Email Notifications

  9. Error trying to preview or record a newer Mix - upgrade

  10. Error with digital ink in the new version of Office Mix

  11. Error: "App Error We couldn't connect to the catalog server for this app"

  12. Error: We can't start this app because it isn't set up properly

  13. Extensibility options for linking/embedding mixes

  14. Fix for "Office Mix 32-bit requires PowerPoint 2013 32-bit, version SP1 or later" error

  15. How do I share my mix? Can anyone see my mix?

  16. How do people use Office Mix? Do I have to flip a class to use it?

  17. How much does Office Mix cost?

  18. How to add Closed Captions to an Office Mix?

  19. I am unable to watch a mix. What do I do?

  20. I have PowerPoint 2013 SP1 (or PowerPoint 2016), but my Office Mix installation is still failing, what should I do?

  21. I tried to install Office Mix, and I received a prompt that I need Service Pack 1 for Office. Can you explain and tell me what to do?

  22. If I change my mix after I've started uploading, or if I change my PowerPoint file in the future, will those changes appear on the website?

  23. In the Ohm's Law lesson I get an error message that TouchDevelop could not create a local database.

  24. Introducing WYSIWYG editing in quizzes and polls

  25. Is the mix just an online video? What makes it different than a video?

  26. Issues with quizzes in Mix? Use the OffCAT tool

  27. Mix tab disappears

  28. My Record buttons are disabled.

  29. My webcam malfunctions when I try to record a mix.

  30. Office Mix and LTI

  31. On which devices can I watch a mix? Can I watch mixes on my tablet, phablet or phone?

  32. SCORM gone?

  33. Setup fails with 'Access Denied' and you are using Symantec\Norton antivirus

  34. Slide animations and transitions are not working properly

  35. Update button in Mix ribbon not lighting up on Windows 7

  36. Using a Bluetooth headset for recording Mixes

  37. What are the keyboard shortcuts in the lesson recorder?

  38. What does Office Mix do?

  39. What happens if I make a mistake when recording? Do I need to rerecord the entire thing?

  40. What is the ideal computer setup to create a mix? Do I need some crazy super, schmancy-new computer?

  41. What types of logins do you work with?

  42. What's new in Office Mix (December - January)?

  43. When inserting a quiz I receive an error message stating "This app could not be started."

  44. Why can't I find the mix tab in PowerPoint?

  45. Why can't I see the Delete link on failed uploads on My Mixes page?

  46. Why can't I watch or upload my mix from within my organization?

  47. Why do my PowerPoint animations look different in a mix?

  48. Why doesn't my animation appear in my mix?

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